Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Life is such a routine. Get out of bed. Shower. Wake up. Go to school. Get home. Go to the beach. Take photos

Its time for some change. Tomorow is steri-stumpi day so buy one.

These are photos from the other day at the reef.

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Opening up. Photo by Kyle Cabano

In the eye of the storm. Photo by Allan Horton

Air drop into never never land. Photo by Allan Horton

The one that you want to be on without anyone on it. Photo by Kyle Cabano

Surfers beware. This guy ate shit. It could be you. Photo by Kyle Cabano

Unknown getting tubulated. Photo by Kyle Cabano

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Some more photos for the froth demons to froth on.

Score some very fun caves today. More frustrating than fun but fun none the less.

I just realised that I have a english test tomorow on 7 chapters of a book and 2 poems.

Wish me luck.


Stefan Roos flipping


Bosman in the barrel



Saturday, August 28, 2010

rainbow nation


The word ran through my mind when we arrived at the ocean greated with pumping 3ft-4ft reef and a rainbow peeping out at the back. Realise how good life is.

Got some water shots with a buddies camera. Will put them on blog as soon as i get them. Some epic shots. Did not take many with my camera but managed to snatch a few at the end.

Some sick conditions tomorow. See all the sea bevers there. x

Good view

onrus skollies

Sunday, August 22, 2010

vivala post number 43

So this is blog post number 43. Thanks to those that read it and sorry for not updating blog as often as I should.

Scored some sick waves today at the reef. Didnt take much time to take photos unfortuneately but Justin took a few.

S.A's is in a months time. Looking forward to that. Getting some sick gear. Also hoping to score some sick waves this weekn with some promising swells and school work not being to hectic.

Photos to enjoy

Bring on the offshore

Nice bottem turn at the other peak. Photo by Justin Hoeben

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

untrust us

Sorry for the very belated blog post. Been very lazy lately.

Waves have not been good lately but hoping to score some nuggets friday and sunday.

Have not been surfing much lately either and have instead been spending my time at the beach to play beach soccer.

I have however been taking photos of other sorts and managed to get a few nice ones.


Dirt jumping lads having fun on wooden planks

Black label is served

More plank riding


Monday, August 9, 2010

west coast classic number one

Just got back from an eventful weekend up the west coast with some friends after surfing the first ever west coast classic. The waves were epic on the first day but were terrible for the finals.

Had some good times, viewed a few brawls and had a sick time at Villa Ramano. Took some photos that will be in hiding for a while but have selected a few to show you. I unfortunately only made it past my first heat that I came first in and came 3rd in my semi final heat.

To see the full contest results check this link:


Some photos

Labels all round

Andro Kohn sick invert

Yes we surfed shark island

JP Nortier about to get pitted

Paul Morkel

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Took this photo earlier. Looks real vintage.

Enjoy it. x

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Sorry for the delayed blog post. Hit my internet cap. But it's back now so heres a post.

Got the west coast classic this weekend. Looking forward to it and hopefully earning some money. Pray for me. Got a sick crew of people to go up with so should be fun.

Here are some photos.

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There she blows

The only tube I got this weekend

Jacob Mellish big air


Jacob Mellish sick turn

Mafoos vandilising