Monday, June 12, 2017

The Eagle has left the nest

So it has been just about one year since my last post. Not surprising that this spurt of inspiration has too come as a result of a new adventure on my journey. As of May 23 I have been in the small Swahili village of Paje on the East coast of Zanzibar Island.

Zanzibar City from the air

I have come here to work for Aquaholics, a kite and surf centre based here offering guided lessons and surf trips. It has been a smooth transition from my South African schedule to the relaxed island life that takes place right here. The conditions so far have been great making for some killer kiting and some really fun surf!

The view some days
 I have arrived just in time for the start of the Winter high season so between now and October, this will be my place of home. The tourists are already filling in and it seems like it is going to be getting rather hectic by the months end. Lets see what the fuss is about!

Whatever floats your boat

In terms of cultural differences, the island is just about exclusively Muslim so at the moment with Ramadan on the go things are relatively slow which has made the settling period a little trickier in terms of local feed but nice and slow paced in terms of social activities which I do not object to. Furthermore, the locals seem to be legends and have met some very friendly characters so far.

Sunset over Paje Village
With quite a lot of newly gained free time I have been taking time to use the camera a little more than I have been and the results of this creative act have got me back in blog mode. Lets see how consistent it can stay this time?

Full moon, mid-tide, Ngalawa boat
Much wisdom coming so stay tuned :)