Sunday, March 25, 2012


This weekend was not my best weekend of surf, infact I only surfed once this whole weekend being today at caves. I have engineering week coming up as from tomorrow after which I will hit the road and head to the border visiting the orange river. Keen for that!

After my surf today I decided to go for a swim at silkies and take some gopro photos. I swam for about 20 minutes and surprisingly got some nice photos.

Here they are:

The view that we grew up seeing

Matt Badenhorst about to be hijacked of his surfboard

Matt Badenhorst sick angle

Never thought i'd get a shot like this at silkies

Phineas and Herb

My sister ripping a bottem turn

Mohammed LSD


Photo of the swim

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


On human rights day today I chose to rome the roads of stellenbosch, skate a bit and take some photos. I dwelled into the botanical gardens where I almost lost myself and also ventured to parts of this town I didn't know existed. If this place had an ocean I would actually want to live here.

Here are a few photos in CoLoUr

trusty kustoms chilling like two peas in a pod

snakes eye view

the black jesus

I lost myself and found myself in venice

Sunday, March 18, 2012

aquatic induction

This morning at the early hours my brother and myself headed to a local favorite hoping for some potential waves. The charts looked all time. The swell looked a bit big as we approached and on the walk down we almost turned back. Fortunately we ventured in and got spoilt. The waves were good fun and got some nice footage and photos aswell. I'd like to make a short edit in the near future but will need slightly more footage I think.

Here are some frame grabs and photos. Quite stoked with the results.

In the process of one of the most hectic drops I have had at this place.

Nice barrel view.

welcome to my green room.

Gustav Botha taking the drop

Gustav Botha control.

Sluggy V making a comeback.

Morne Loubsher shading himself

Myself on the step, behind the step.

Morbo represent

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pearl harbour

Had an excellent weekend in the scenic town of Pearly Beach. Going there was a last minute decision made on friday afternoon and one of the better decisions I have made to date. Had epic fun, got some sick photos, sick memories, and sick waves!

I have uploaded more photos onto a facebook album but here you will find the core photos of the trip. Good times!

the residences

kelp factory

wrecked ship

ready to surf

at zen

where I want to be

harbour wall riding


sunset vibe

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fluffy marshmellows

Evening all! The weekend that we are now saying goodbye to was very different to my average weekend. Didn't do much surfing or missioning or spending time in the sea but instead stomping the earth like a fairy with ADD. Was quite an experience with some sick memories made! However the fact that my Sunday was completely wasted and the price factor I will probably not be going to another trance party anytime soon.

Here are some photos of the weekend.



All nighters

Some people

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Til kingdom come

Had a very pleasant skate today after a very stress influenced day. Skated for about 2 hours, tried a couple of GoPro photos of which only about 6 came out well. There doesn't look like their will be waves today which is bit of a let down but the weekend should be good non-the less.

Here are some GoPro photos of today's skate.