Thursday, December 23, 2010

you bastards

You were all expecting a blogpost invloving surfs and the spoils of uncrowded wedges but unfortunately I have none of that for you with the main reason being I am a lazy bitch.

This photo is something different. In my opinion expressing alot about the bodyboarding world. See what you want in it.

I have been experimenting much more with film and will hopefully have some pleasing results soon enough.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Onrus classic 2010

Spent the last week of my life in Onrus. Was great fun, scored some sick waves and had good times.

I didn't enter the comp because for me it is not worht the R100 to enter but I did enjoy the vibe on the beach and got some photos.

Some bad news is that Malcolm has turned his back on me punching me several times in the upper torso after being locked in a bathroom. He came out with the look of a criminal in his eyes and struck me in the rib. The rookie will learn.

Anyway we also managed to score some cooking farside and here are thee photos for you:

Mafoos reverse

Me doing a forward spin - rare occasion

Mafoos big flip

Me doing a flip

Andro the host doing a bigger flip

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Caves was offshore today indeed. Just a drop of optimism ws all that was needed and the waves we got were defenitely worth the wait.

Had a good surf with Kurt, Mathew and Malcolm. Surfed for a solid 4 hours and the result is aching backs all round.

I didnt take time off to take photos but snatched these before we left.

Andre looking into the belly of a beast

Unknown inside a mooie

Mafoos ars over this woman

Saturday, December 11, 2010

bass phenomenon

Went to this jam off last night in the moonlit area. Was quite joyous with all the boys there. Always good times.

Got some sick photos and there was constantly good music playing. Had a decent camp and woke up to the sound of William complaining about a shot he took to the face.

Also happened to score some very fruity caves yesterday. Got waves for about 3 hours and also managed to get a few photos.

First film has been developed and looks good. Stoked. Busy shooting with a black and white film that expired in 2006 so that should bring in pleasing results.

Here is a mixture of shots:

The boys

Skater guy

Little steels

Trailer trash

This make my day everyday

Monday, December 6, 2010

glyder or die

The people from Glyder sunglasses have all been very gracious giving the entire boland team a sponsership. Pretty stoked on that. Now I can live life polarised.

Been scoring some pretty epic silkies lately and also been cruising around with my Pappie's Canon A1 film camera. Hopefully getting some decent shots in because it is quite the pricey little toy.


Photo goes here

Photo goes here

Photo goes here

Thursday, December 2, 2010

you know

You know that session that you get once a year? That one session that just tops the rest. The session where the perfect waves just dont stop rolling through. Mine was today.

The best Caves I have ever seen in my life, let alone surf. Just epic 3ft waves one after another with the occasional 4-5ft set rolling through.

Got the at about 7:00 and surfed the first 3 hours with just Jandre, Young jock and myseld in the water. Then 2 surfers arrived but never dampened the vibe at all. Still just getting perfect waves.

I actually can't even get the right words to descride the waves. The closest word would probably be perfect.

Anyway the waves are gone and now all I have to froth all over until we get waves again will be these photos, memories.


Young jock watching as the opening wave does its thing

Another empty rolls through

Tiaan Hoeben back breaker

This made me think differently about life

Offshore makes me feel warm inside

Saturday, November 27, 2010

cook out

Had a joyous camp at Caves last night with some friendlike people. Was great fun.

I also sailed a yacht.

I dod not take photos.

Enjoy this one though.

Monday, November 22, 2010


This year has been a good year for me. Getting a bit of exposure in a British mag, doing pretty well at S.A's and just scoring epic waves the whole year round. Did a fair bit of traveling up the coast and loads of local missions. Being part of the boland team 2010 was also great and getting hooked up with loads of sponsered products also made it worthwhile.

But this year is coming to an end now, got boland champs coming up on the 4th of december which should be quite fun. And then the Onrus classic on the 17th of December which should also be a cracker.

Actually already starting to get amped for boland trials next year, S.A champs is being hosted by Western Province and hoping they choose a decent venue.

Scored epic fun waves at caves yesterday with good mate William, Jandre and Malcolm. His pappa managed to snap some sick shots you might be interested in checking out.

Here's a link

Here are just some photos from throughout the year:

Yes its onshore and yes it might have been dumb to paddle in but we did it. And after many failed attempts at trying to ride it we got it right. Then we got out.

The amount of stoke in my body was at an all time high just being here. In this area. World class wave and just the feel about it. Waves might not have been pumping but it was still great fun.

Boland 1st years on the 2nd day of S.A champs held in Durban. Was a good week.

Got this wave cooking a fair amount of times this year.

It's always heavier on the other side.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

once upon a time

I surfed this wave. I took this photo. I got barrelled

The end.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


"And I miss you I'm going back home to the west coast"

I amped. I better go soon.

Anyways just got back from caves rolling with Sluggy V, MAFOOS and Armunchie. Yes it was fun and yes I did get some good photos thanks for asking.

Was a good surf especially after a not so fun maths paper today.

Here are some photos. Not the best ones.

A welcoming feel.

Mafoos ARS

Most perfect little section I have seen.

Willem going left

We dont want to be friends.


Monday, November 15, 2010

no comment

facebook can be but a bitch.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Scored some sick waves today at caves after arriving there, thinking it was total shit and once I got in I realised just how good it was. Got some real crackers. One or two decent shots.

Was a nice break from studying, writing a Physics exam tomorow. Should be interesting.

Some photos.

Greg Fraser with a big air forward

Housten doing a big flip

Housten big invert

Ismaeel Grant big flip

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

oom appie

Scored some fun, powerful caves today.

The sections were good and wedging well. There was unfortunately quite a crowd but I guess there is nothing wrong with that.

Its probably only getting better as i'm typingf this but exams times make it tough to surf all day.


Jerry invert to air reverse. Unfortunately image quality is slegg

Eugene with a cracker of an invert

Unknown taking to the sky

Andrew Raath with a cracker of an invert

Simon Heale inverting

Sunday, November 7, 2010


This delayed blog post is not great.

Have been quite busy lately, trying to score waves, take photos, and study in between. I did not get around to doing half of them so there arn't many action photos from the weekend. It was a good weekend for surf scoring reef on Friday, onshore but good surf Saterday and good wedges today.

Caves was quite crowded today but the few waves I got were fun.

I am tired

Eugene claiming as a siick one rolls through

A pretty close out

A super grainy image of the reef

Sunday, October 31, 2010


So today is apparently halloween. Its just not the same from back when I was young.

Anyway scored some strange caves today. Was good fun though and super heavy. Took quite a few photos today, got a good shot of Jerry that I will be archiving for future use hopefully.

The paddle was absoultely ridiculous though so fitness levels are looking good.

I tried taking photos from a different angle today. Let me know what you think of it.

One of the best views

Unkown booger deep in the heart of green waters

Jerry on a cracker

Mafoos scooping

Jerry air reverse

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some good, some bad

So the good news, we scored very pretty looking waves today. Bad news, no photos. As of recently caves has become an area of crime and the result is that I will no longer be taking my camera with on days that there is nobody to protect it.

I will most probably be taking photos tomorow and will update with photos

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Spring tide happened this past weekend. Good times. Lots of fun.

Unfortunately I fell out in my first heat against David Lillenfield, Josh Kleeve and Eugene Meyer. I had a good heat personally, but the other guys in my heat clearly surfed better.

The waves were quite big but if you got on the right wave it sent you flying. I got 2 good waves in my heat.

Overall it was a good day even though it started raining.

Jared Housten won the bodyboarding open division



Jared Housten- Big air forward

William being claimed

The rainbow. It rained shortly after

Jared Housten- Big flip before contest