Sunday, February 26, 2012

In My Place

Had a good surf at koeel bay this morning. These 2 surfs I manage to squeeze in each week really help me get through the weeks hard work. Its the best way to clear my mind. Henrique Cilliers took photos while Tiaan and I surfed and he got a couple of nice photos.

All in all my weekend was good fun. See you next weekend strand.

Tiaan tube riding

About to project myself into outer space

A big old wedge

Fellow enginerd Ricus with an el rollo

Myself doing a pretty forward spin off the lip

Tiaan in the air again

Tiaan with another impressive backflip

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Boland Trial 2

Today was the 2nd boland trial, and also the 2nd that I have ever atteneded and not partaken in, It was not ideal but would much rather have been there than at home. I free surfed most of the day and only watched and photographed a little bit of the trial. The waves were quite big and difficult for a contest but I still managed to get some sick ones free surfing.

Here are some photos of today.

The setup

Venue of choice

Big old foamer

Closeouts like these were plenty. Pipi is somewhere in there getting smashed

Pipi slashing

The following photos were taken by my sister:

Vlooi's invert, he was ripping all day

Vlooi doing a sick flip in his free surf

Mafoos on a charmer

Myself on a larger one

Someone stuffing it properly!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

study break

So today after an extremely testing engineering maths test I went for a skate in the mountains. The road is super fun and has a sick dam to stop off at and swim in. Was good fun. Going home for the weekend and looks like we might score some waves.

On the way up

On the way down

Into the light

Brother sliding

New zones

Good fun!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

night shift

So after a very heavy night and 3 hours of sleep, I actaully had an aepic day! Went to koeel bay expecting perfect caves, unfortuantely it was not what we were expecting but as the day progressed the waves got better. Had 2 surfs and a good long swim with the GoPro, got a few nice photos.

Here they are:

These are 2 frame grabs

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today was spent at Kalk bay. It is such a scenic little town I could just walk around for hours. I will have to return soon to do a little mountain mission and more chilling. Most of the day was spent walking around the town and swimming. Got a few waves but the crowd is a bit of a problem. Still an epic day.

Here are some photos from the days exploration.

Destination Kalk bay.

The harbour.

Caution Johnny lurks here.

This was before it got crowded.

Higher than it looks. Oath.


Close up.


Monday, February 6, 2012

ocean lover in an inland town

So the main reason for me not updating for the past 2 weeks is that I have been practically kept as prisoner in the university residence but now I am free. Well free in the sense that I can leave the building when I please but I am still limited to stellenbosch. I have to say I am literally dying without the luxury of having ocean on tap. I am missing all my friends back from strand and somerset like mad also but I guess this just means time with them and at the ocean will just mean so much more to me.

On sunday I went home after 2 weeks of stellenbosch and of the 9 hours that I was away from res, 7 were spent at koeel bay and the other 2 at home with my family. There are some photos from the session on facebook taken by Charl De Waal. Had a sick surf!

Here are some photos of my past 2 weeks in prison:

One day in paradise