Sunday, March 27, 2011

as loyal as a hound

Today was one of those missions. Yes the type where you check every spot in the boland but end up surfing the very first wave you checked out. Woke up with a pumping south easter. To be honest I was very confused as no wind was forecasted. Anyway made my plans for surfing and was expecting caves to be cooking but it was actually quite big and messy so we moved along. Got to the next spot and it was too small and closing. Then we went on to the next spot which looked potentially good but, after checking it out for a while realised it was not worth it and ended up back at Caves. Overall I had a pretty pathetic weekend of surf. Only 2 shortish surfs in the 3 days. Stoked none the less.

West coast classic is coming up soon so get your froth beards on. I started growing my froth beard last week and it's looking good.

Here are some photos. Enjoy.


Big old el rollo. Photo By W.l Pretorious

Empty. Photo by W.l Pretorious

Eating my apple while looking at me

Mario testing out one of the spots

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Bodyboarding south africa.

I was thinking earlier today, how much, the short time that I have been on the boogie the sport has grown in South Africa. I remember the days that it was a struggle to lay your hands on a Nomad board let alone brands like VS, NMD, Turbo. The brands that were available were science and HB. If you wanted better you would have to order. These days most surf shops stock almost all of the bigger brands. I hope the sport continues to grow like this. I support it.

Cape classic was held this weekend. Upsetting experience for me i'm not going to try deny it. The waves were very bad on thew first too days but that is not a valid excuse because we all surfed in the same conditions. I was hoping for atleast a semi final but didnt even make qaurters.

Have the west coast classic in a week or two and what I am hoping for is solid 2-4ft bowls. That will make the competition more interesting.

The contest setup

Paul Morkel in a decent barrel

Mark McCarthy, last years pro winner

Unknown on a cooker. Thurtell with the water angle

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Not much to tell you. Have the Cape classic this weekend which will be held in the Capetown area. We are hoping for waves.

This is my 100th blog post on VivaLaBoogie. VivaLaBoogie is my second blog. I created it because my previous blog was owned by a friend and myself and I thought that I would be able to express myself more freely by having my own blog. The blog has grown, ofcourse it has grown. Like all things in life. It goes through phases. Like all things in life. It is imperfect. Like all things in life.


There is always time for a new begining.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Every one has heard about the intense situation in Japan. Critical stuff guys.. Keep them in your thoughts.

On the brighter side we surfed our first boland trial this weekend. Went quite nicely. Was surfing well up until the final and ended off 3rd behind W.l and taking it as usual Mafoos.

Surfed some waves today with the Godzilla swell. Wasnt the greatest but definately some fun.


After sun

Invert in last seconds of my semi. Photo by me Sister

Chandre taking one for the boys

Intense brahh

Yes i shmacked it. Photo by Jacques De Klerk

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Let me tell you a story about one of my good mates Mal Piet. I met Mal Piet at this space age club. He reckons he comes from Mars. Im not too sure myself but one thing for sure is that he klaps you hard.

I did happen to score cooking caves on friday well the rest of the under 18 world were getting an education.

This is the only photo for you.

Just imagine launching out of this baby

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday celebrations

Today we celebrated the birth of Young jock. A very sad day.

We scored some very decent caves. Plenty ramps out there. I also took photos today and got some quality surfing photos that will be archived for later usage. Surfed until the sun went down then enjoyed the ambience that comes along with it.

Here are some photos:

Birthday boy looking amped. Rigard with a dandy air in the backround.

W.l Pretorious spinner.

Birthday boy froth on.

W.l is not stranger to tirangular shaped wedges

Rigard entering the birth canal.

Birthday cellebrations