Sunday, February 27, 2011


The past weekend was full of activites. Surfed a bit. Quite a bit. Also had quite a bit of chill time but now it is time for school commitments.

The waves this past week have all been very average but somehow I have managed ti have a sick surf each time. Boland trials will be held this weekend. Swell is not looking promising but the show must go on.

Here are some photos of the past weekends activities:

My dick

Almost the end product

Visibility on the road this morning.

Moonset / sunrise this morning

Tjoekie on a nicer looking one

Tjoekie cutbakc reverse

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I whip my

There has been alot of commotion about a 12 year old girl who goes on about how she sways her head. Is this something to worry about? Soon there are going to be bobble heads of this underaged star.

I did get some cooking surf this weekend at our local favorite. I didnt take any photos but there are some photos on this blog check it out. There is also a photo of me on there.

This weekend also looks like it may be fruitful and there is some other decent swells coming through during the week that look tasteful.

Here are some photos from the archives.

Myself doing a reverse at Caves. Photo by Pieter Ferreira

Jacob Mellish carving at Paranoia

Myself doing a sizable ARS at Caves. Photo by Pieter Ferreira

Ismaeel Grant at Caves.

Friday, February 18, 2011

you two

So waves this week. On a scale of one to ten the waves that I scored last night reach about a ten. Possibly the best caves I have surfed. Crowds were blown away.

The new South Africa. Bullshit. You can't park your car alone while you surf. Viva.

This post makes no sense but then again, most things in life don't'

These photos pleased my eyes. Maybe they please yours too.

The one that got away. Image by Jandre Coetzee.

We wont sleep till the sun goes down.

The new South Africa.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is a photo sequence of Jared Housten at Caves a while ago. A photo that I have actually forgotten about. Good news is that the flat spell seems to have vanished with some nice conditions this week.

Setting up


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


If you have not realised yet, I have updated my blog layout for your eyes pleasure. Leave comments on your opinion.

This is officially the longest flat spell I have witnessed. Thus I have concentrated all of my spare time into gyming and training for rugby. SYKE

That was a terrible joke but honestly, longest flat spell I have survived.

Some good news is that a photo of mine was published in the Shotbru secton of the Zigzag and another photo in the online magazing FLARE. Check it out its a sick mag

These photos were from a west coast trip which enough exposure of the trip has been made but heres some more.

Legal eagle on the west coast

For those who have not yet seen this photo. It is me eating it on a heavier one.

Its bigger than it looks


What we saw when we woke up

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

let the trials begin

With the beginning of the the new year it also means the start of the new boland trials. This weekend is the second weekend that the sea conditions haven't agreed with us. Hopefully next weekend provdies a mighty sea swell that gives us some prime waves for trials. I haven't taken bodyboarding photos in a while because I have been enjoying myself too much.

This blogpost is about S.A champs. Pretty much the one week in a year that the countries best bodyboarders come together to compete. Besides the competition itself most of the riders just go up for a good time. This past year we had S.A's in Durban. The waves were not ideal but had such a good time and also managed to do surprisingly well in the competition.

I will be surfing the trials again this year in the junior division and am hoping to make the team again and participate in this years S.A champs wich will be held in the Kommetjie area in Capetown.

Photos from last years S.A's

Boland boys raiding Durban airport. Notice clitsy the mascott in my hand.

It actually says "Dirtbin"

Unknown doing a sick invert. Must be from KZN only those guys can invert waves like this.

No better team to be at S.A's with

Team "meeting"