Friday, April 29, 2011


i had a very saddening time at caves today perfect 2-3ft wedges shallow dredging but i had none of it we managed to film quite a bit and got some alright footage we will be filming more and hopefully produce a short clip soon enough tomorow is also looking fruity yesterday we surfed caves on a 16ft swell it wasnt even too big but the wedges were just perfect its a pitty we have no exposure to solid 5ft clean wedges so we pussied out after only an hour of surfing

here are some photos from yesterday all taken by goodmate jj boshoff

far bigger than it looks

mathew on a sick one


invert landing

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The swell that wasn't

And once we again we have been hoaxed by the magical world of swell forcasts. We travelled. Took photos. Did not surf.

Tomorow we will be staying locally and surfing the local spot. Petrol costs money and is unfortunately something that runs out very fast in todays lifestyle.

Here are some photos from today.

Looks nice inside there.


Hammer is needed

This spot is normally a right

I leave you with this. Do with it what you wish.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter froth

Happy easter to all of you egg hunters. Had a nice easter in Onrus of all places and I am sure all of you collected some frothable waves. This week is looking rather pleasing with decent swell almostr everyday. I will be heading around the coast just now in search of long barrels. Lets hope the mission is succesful.

Surfed a little compo in Onrus well there. Came 2nd loosing to Wilder Schultz, an up and coming melkbos grom. Stoked with myself for making it to the final. A little bit disappointed in the judging criteria but overall still pleased.

I didn't take much time out to take photos due to precipitation but snapped a few. Will be taking some today hopefully.

Chris Snyman sick reverse


Barrel land

Onrus boytjies

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I got bored and google "homemade fisheye" quite a few ideas popped up and i decided to try one. I gives pretty much the same effect as a circular fisheye filter but only cost R40..

Here are some photos :

My homemade one. Image out of focus

Similar design one costing R700

Sunday, April 10, 2011


So the holiday has ended and the start of the 2nd school term is tomorow. This holiday was truely great. Good fun with friends and some sick experiences. Also ended the holiday with some of the best caves I have had in a long time.

The west coast classic went quite well but I do feel that I got a crap deal in my semi's where I got an interference call for no apparent reasons. But the call was made and I will continue to take my losses as I take my wins. I remain stoked.

Here are some holiday photos:

Empty rolls through before the start of my first heat. Photo by Francois Conradie

Stefan Roos likes triangles

Empty rolls through before the crowds arrive

Jolly crowd

Keith Milward DK slash

Friday, April 1, 2011

weskus suksew

I am off to the west coast as of next week where I will be residing with a few friends for the holiday. Amped to say the least but cannot help the thoughts in my mind asking where the waves are going to be. We will be camping a bit aswell as some luxury 3 star accomodation compliments of Eureka.

The comp promises to be a good one and I will be working there to pay my living costs. I am frothing yes.

Here are some photos recently taken. I hope you find them attractive.

Weapon of choice

Mafoos on a meaty one

Mafoos in the air

Myself popping a legs 11 ARS

The sunset.

Action photos by Rikus Fourie