Friday, July 31, 2015

Let it slide

I have made the great 26km trek home from the Kingdom of Babylon (Stellenkotz) to the sweet land of Milk and Turry (La Strandas) .

Great peace of mind that comes with something as simple as being back in the home town. Hoping to do one or two nice things before glowing back to Stellenbosch.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Time flies when you are having fun. But shit it stands fuckin still when you are injured that's for sure!

One month and 4 days into the recovery of my weak scaphoid I cannot help but think of how I will keep motivation for the few months ahead.

I have been walking quite a bit but also spending fair amount of time sleeping, sitting, and thinking of shit I enjoy and and and and. 

On the bright side I am now in a plastic arm splint meaning I can get my ocean deprived body back into the salty goodness it has to offer with my trusty GoPro in hand.