Monday, June 28, 2010

West coast part 1

Just got back from the west coast today and im leaving again Wednesday. I have picked up some really miff throat infection leaving me behind the lense for the frist 5 days of the trip but hoefully scoring the last 3 days.

The west coast is undescribable. Gassing reef everywhere you look. It amazing to see what a 11ft swell does on that side. This west coast mssion coming up is more of a explore mission so we will be surfing waves that probably dont look surfable

Hoping to get some good photos now and here are some for the moment. All action photos by Frans Lombard.

This place cranks on the right swell

Yes Sometimes I do go left

Nice ARS first frame

Sharp bottom-turn

Trying so hard to keep my rail in the water

Just another unsurfed reef

Im sure you would like to know

Much bigger than it looks

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

baboon huntdown

I used to respect baboons... Until they started running away with my camera! Luckily Jandre took the baboon on throwing boulders at it. But really im stoked it never ran away with my camera bag because it had all my camera equiptment, cellphone, watch and cash. They managed to get away with Malcolms food. We also got the same baboon that tried to skollie my camera bag walking up to the car park and I nearly kakked. They surrounded us but with tortoise-like-tactics we scared them away.

Anyway waves were absolutely cooking and sunrise this morning was amazing. After this blog post I will be packing my bags for a 4 day westcoast trip up to Lamberts bay followed by another week long trip on wednesday. After the trip I will have loads of photos and stories to tell.

Until them some photos. enjoi

I very fancy sunrise

Kogel bay today

I wouldnt buy it

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Scored cooking caves today. It was something we all needed and spent an awesome international surfing day/fathers day combo at the beach with friends. Got some very good photos that will have a safe home in my archives until I decide to show them.

Weskus time is drawing nearer and im super amped for my first decent west coast trip.

Some photos for your enjoyment:

Had white Castle burgers at FanFest

Morne Loubsher doing a sick invert

Tjoekie is back

Mark McCarthy with a good air reverse

Gunther doing a sick turn

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

we love you summer oh yes we do

Summer is so far and this weather is really starting too piss me off!

This is a photo I took during summer on a big swell in the boland area.


Monday, June 14, 2010


Thats a real word bitches. google that shit.

Ended up getting waves today. Mountains were peaked with snow yet we went to surf. Had a bad surf and ended quickly. Got some photos also.



bigger than it looks

First backflip shot. Photo by Malcolm

The one that got away


Went and took photos at a MX track in Gordons bay 2 days ago and got some good shots.

First time shooting there so quite stoked with results.

Swell is looking good lately so hopefully getting waves just now. Unfortunately it is raining so will not be taking my camera with.


Photos all of Vincent Cabano

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mega delay

Sorry for the blog post delay. Internet cap was tricking my mind.

Surfed super fun caves yesterday. No waves today but tomorow looks alot better. Hoping to score pits.

Some photos for your viewing pleasure:

Over the hills and far away

Morbo man

Melt jizz zpin

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Missioned to the land of farming and wild leoperds today. Got some pits. Had a good time. Super tored now and stoked to get this last week over with now.

Holiday peeping around the corner. Gonna be a good one.

Some photos to enjoy
(action photos by Malcolm Schutte)


Mr Burger on a fun one

Ars of doom

Saturday, June 5, 2010

stand-up mayhem

Got many barrels today. Surfed until I could barely walk. And got some sick shots. Managed to get some good footage aswell curtosy of W.l that should surface soon.

Stand-ups seemed to be the standouts at caves today getting some insane barrels and some sick turns.


Rigard Smit chilling in the tube

A few might empties rolled through

Jacob Mellish sick slash

J.P on a nose snapping close-out

Jacob staying on his feet in the belly of a beast

Friday, June 4, 2010


Went through to caves today. Tough times. Waves were less than standard. Got good though and had loads of fun. I also managed to be photo man for an hour so got some nice photos.


Tiaan Hoeben getting some air with a technical manoevure


Willem getiing a pit

Fire power

Exams have come to the final stage. Got some creative writing monday and tuesday followed by life orientation wednesday them im FREE.

Craving a surf so badly, have not been able to surf this week but the sea isnt looking very inviting. Hopefully pulling through at caves today if I can get a lift otherwise tomorow is the day. Got a new board that im keen to try out.

Have not taken boogie photos yet but here is a nice flame on:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Whahahahaha surfed so much lately. Not much photographic evidence but it was good. Exams almost over. Still got 6 to write though. In a week it's all over then no more hiding my hair to get through hair inspection.

Hopefully scoring some good waves this holiday. Got lots planned.

Some pics curtosy of Malcolm Schutte

Money shot

Nice reverse

Flat bottom