Thursday, April 28, 2016

The way of the educated specie

Is a confusing way of life. My mind has grown significantly since the start of the year. This can be attributed to the extra off time now available since the end of my tertiary studies and the start of my life as an unemployed graduate.

Coming from a pretty tense 4th year, the freedom was quite overwhelming and I climbed straight into a pretty thorough sporting schedule. Before I could look again Summer was on his way out which brings us to my current situation. 

It is most unfortunate that for the average Joe out there without many connections, the most suited way to get into travelling would mean earning some Rands the old fashioned way using your man hours. This is the route I have taken for the next while before my Indonesian adventure in July. 

I am very fortunate to not yet have to use this lifestyle as a way to make ends meet and pay bills, it is purely for recreation, but fuck have I realized the many flaws in our societies generally accepted way of living. Most importantly I have found that within the 8-5 Monday to Friday way of the world there is no time to even think about what you are doing and what direction you have chosen. Well that is atleast my personal account of the setup. I find myself spending my off time just trying to slow the pace of my world down. Let alone trying to fit in all of my sports and passions. While trying to remain socially satisfied.  

I hope to find a sustainable equilibrium between having, doing, and being as soon as possible. Please!