Thursday, December 23, 2010

you bastards

You were all expecting a blogpost invloving surfs and the spoils of uncrowded wedges but unfortunately I have none of that for you with the main reason being I am a lazy bitch.

This photo is something different. In my opinion expressing alot about the bodyboarding world. See what you want in it.

I have been experimenting much more with film and will hopefully have some pleasing results soon enough.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Onrus classic 2010

Spent the last week of my life in Onrus. Was great fun, scored some sick waves and had good times.

I didn't enter the comp because for me it is not worht the R100 to enter but I did enjoy the vibe on the beach and got some photos.

Some bad news is that Malcolm has turned his back on me punching me several times in the upper torso after being locked in a bathroom. He came out with the look of a criminal in his eyes and struck me in the rib. The rookie will learn.

Anyway we also managed to score some cooking farside and here are thee photos for you:

Mafoos reverse

Me doing a forward spin - rare occasion

Mafoos big flip

Me doing a flip

Andro the host doing a bigger flip

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Caves was offshore today indeed. Just a drop of optimism ws all that was needed and the waves we got were defenitely worth the wait.

Had a good surf with Kurt, Mathew and Malcolm. Surfed for a solid 4 hours and the result is aching backs all round.

I didnt take time off to take photos but snatched these before we left.

Andre looking into the belly of a beast

Unknown inside a mooie

Mafoos ars over this woman

Saturday, December 11, 2010

bass phenomenon

Went to this jam off last night in the moonlit area. Was quite joyous with all the boys there. Always good times.

Got some sick photos and there was constantly good music playing. Had a decent camp and woke up to the sound of William complaining about a shot he took to the face.

Also happened to score some very fruity caves yesterday. Got waves for about 3 hours and also managed to get a few photos.

First film has been developed and looks good. Stoked. Busy shooting with a black and white film that expired in 2006 so that should bring in pleasing results.

Here is a mixture of shots:

The boys

Skater guy

Little steels

Trailer trash

This make my day everyday

Monday, December 6, 2010

glyder or die

The people from Glyder sunglasses have all been very gracious giving the entire boland team a sponsership. Pretty stoked on that. Now I can live life polarised.

Been scoring some pretty epic silkies lately and also been cruising around with my Pappie's Canon A1 film camera. Hopefully getting some decent shots in because it is quite the pricey little toy.


Photo goes here

Photo goes here

Photo goes here

Thursday, December 2, 2010

you know

You know that session that you get once a year? That one session that just tops the rest. The session where the perfect waves just dont stop rolling through. Mine was today.

The best Caves I have ever seen in my life, let alone surf. Just epic 3ft waves one after another with the occasional 4-5ft set rolling through.

Got the at about 7:00 and surfed the first 3 hours with just Jandre, Young jock and myseld in the water. Then 2 surfers arrived but never dampened the vibe at all. Still just getting perfect waves.

I actually can't even get the right words to descride the waves. The closest word would probably be perfect.

Anyway the waves are gone and now all I have to froth all over until we get waves again will be these photos, memories.


Young jock watching as the opening wave does its thing

Another empty rolls through

Tiaan Hoeben back breaker

This made me think differently about life

Offshore makes me feel warm inside