Sunday, October 8, 2017

We are all a little different

Why do you work at the beach? Why do you work in an office?

Why do you have a job? Why don't you have a job?

Why do you ride a long board? Why do you ride a short board?

Why is anything the way it is? Simple.

We all view situations based on our respective live experiences and from this we base our judgements and opinions. You live and you learn naturally and this is going to happen throughout the life path which will for sure have you change your opinions.

You see, I see you see things differently

Even me, I see things differently

All the things I've learn't along the way

These are the kinds of things you will never take from me.

The beauty of travel, whether you like it or not, you are going to cross paths with all kinds of characters. They will tell you things. Some of these things you will like and you might be strive to achieve these exact things. Some you might find weird. But hey, atleast you know what you don't want.

With my journey on Nguja Island coming to a slow but rapid finish, I am stoked with that which I was able to learn here. I have met some amazing people here and have been able to use the extreme isolation on offer out here to really help broaden my ways of thinking. Or atleast so I believe ;)

Monday, October 2, 2017


It is what it is, unless it is not.

Everything experienced and dreamed of is rated using a polar based value system, each end being opposite of the other, and using this value system individuals will either complain profusely or be dancing in celebration in response to all events.

Let me explain: 

Without the experience of freedom, freedom is not recognized. Until that freedom is infringed on and then for a brief moment you will again remember the real value of your freedom. The same goes for things as simple as temperature, monthly salaries, health related issues, and so much more. 

The jungle is massive
In this realm of the relative we reside in, it is easy to begin taking the finer things in life for granted, and even the purest of situations that we might found ourselves in we can drown ourselves in unnecessary scandals of the day to day life. 

Hakuna Matata - Photo Ryan Hannival

The swahili culture have the saying "Hakuna Matata" - there are no problems - and I believe this culture has it so right in that statement (Not to say they live it entirely). More often than before I now find myself simply sitting, breathing, smiling at the simple wonder of just being.

Broaden the horizon
Situations all come and pass, some will be glory and some will be grim, and the only thing that is actually different about the two are the way you perceive these situations and what you are able to learn from them.

Look deeper
I too am in the process of learning to be more patient, respectful, and understanding but this is fine too. As long as you keep learning :)

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Use it, or lose it

It is much like the famous Slim Shady once dropped:

"Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment
Would you capture it, or just let it slip?

Good wisdom this proves to be. I find the statement to be super universal as it can be applied to most situations, whenever you are faced with exciting and confusing choices. 

Opportunities come forth when you least expect them, and often the choice you make will echo through your life creating a ripple effect behind it. 

Failing to plan, or planning to fail. Call it what you wish the message behind the statement is that if you stall on your decision, you are effectively choosing the option which most rejects the opportunity presented.

Life goes a basis of connections and if your connections are making offers, you should think twice and think fast before sealing the deal and making your choice. Not all choices are reversible.

But hey life is all a process of discovery and whether your choice is the "best" for you, or not, it is all part of the journey. As long as you are learning from each experience, the good and the bad, then you are styling and if you are styling you will be smiling. 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Power of Priority

A wise man once said ~ 

"You gotta do what you gotta do"

~ And what a wise statement this is.

Makes good sense hey? Ultimately we all prioritize things differently. This gives us each a unique outlook on every opportunity presented in life. 

Home away from home - headquarters 2017
 I am writing out of the living room of my base in Zanzibar, actually I am sitting behind the window to the left of that big bush in the photo above. It is my 3rd month here at the moment and I am feeling settled. The island has taken from me but given so much. It has been like a dream enjoying daily kite sessions in this tropical climate in the clearest lagoon water. Dreams aside, I have been doing my daily surf and occasional kite lessons to ensure the bucket is full at the end of the month. Oh yeah and the surf isn't too shabby out here!

Kyle Bell AKA Mike Boyum AKA Rice king 
During the time I have spent here I have once again been privileged to meet and share views with people from completely different walks in life ranging from the most far out tourists, to the more hippie backpacker type, to the local cafe owners and Swahili beach boys. One thing which has struck me is how different everyone perceives situations, in our world, where all actions are judged relative to very biased opinions. We are all guilty of this, but the trick is to stop caring what others think.



Kuza Cave freshwater therapy

There is no need to be concerned about the judgements of others. 

This is YOUR journey.

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Eagle has left the nest

So it has been just about one year since my last post. Not surprising that this spurt of inspiration has too come as a result of a new adventure on my journey. As of May 23 I have been in the small Swahili village of Paje on the East coast of Zanzibar Island.

Zanzibar City from the air

I have come here to work for Aquaholics, a kite and surf centre based here offering guided lessons and surf trips. It has been a smooth transition from my South African schedule to the relaxed island life that takes place right here. The conditions so far have been great making for some killer kiting and some really fun surf!

The view some days
 I have arrived just in time for the start of the Winter high season so between now and October, this will be my place of home. The tourists are already filling in and it seems like it is going to be getting rather hectic by the months end. Lets see what the fuss is about!

Whatever floats your boat

In terms of cultural differences, the island is just about exclusively Muslim so at the moment with Ramadan on the go things are relatively slow which has made the settling period a little trickier in terms of local feed but nice and slow paced in terms of social activities which I do not object to. Furthermore, the locals seem to be legends and have met some very friendly characters so far.

Sunset over Paje Village
With quite a lot of newly gained free time I have been taking time to use the camera a little more than I have been and the results of this creative act have got me back in blog mode. Lets see how consistent it can stay this time?

Full moon, mid-tide, Ngalawa boat
Much wisdom coming so stay tuned :)