Wednesday, September 28, 2011

broken glass

Went for a photo taking session with Jandre this evening. Got some surprisingly nice photos actaully but the zones we were at were mind-blowing. Such nice places that need to be revisited soon.

Holidays have officially began for me, have my matric dance tomorrow evening. Interesting stuff mann. SA champs in 4 days which is super amping and should be fun. The waves are going to be bullshit, fact.

Here are the photos:

The setup

Foreign footsteps


Looks inviting doesnt it?

The money shot

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Remedy blue

Such an interesting weekend. Have actually been surfing everyday this past week but nothing exceptionally good until this mornings waves. Such ramps and barrels that made life pleasant. And all after 4 and a half hours sleep after Chris Junkers christmas party 2.0. Was super fun and actually havent been too tired today. Surprising.

Did not take the photos I wanted because by the time I left the water the tide was too high.

Here they area anyway. I apologize for the poor image quality but it is probably better suited than the photos in my previous posts.

Jah Tjoekie

Beyers with a sick forward from the lip

G Botha old school


Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today well driving to a lesser known surf spot in the boland I realised how nice the mountains are and what nice photos they make. First time I have taken photos of them and the sunrise light was perfect.

The waves were not what we were expecting but it's always worth the drive.

These photos were all taken from a moving car.

First taken photo.

Pretty desolate. I like this one.

Follow this road well.

Over exposed

This gives away the spot location for those who have been there

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Out with the old

So I got my new board today from Mr Len Bradford. Very much appreciated. Its the 40.5" Tom Rigby and she goes well! I have switched back to PP for the reason that it lasts longer but also it's the only option. No PE or 3D which is a bit of a bummer but I have stepped down by half an inch which should be interesting on bigger waves.

This week has been full of surfing for me having surfed everyday so far and planning on completing the whole week surfing each day. Feeling healthy and even have a wetsuit tan again.

SA champs next week YEAH.

Here she is:

New VS. Old

Yeahh Rigga

The incredible hulk


Sunday, September 18, 2011


Love is what I have for this coast.

Had the sickest weekend I have had in a long time while up the west coast for the 3rd Boland bodyboarding association / Kumba iron ore development clinic. Was absolutely great.

We arrived at about 8:30 saterday morning, settled in, watched some rugby and then headed to brandy bay for the start of the development. After that we headed to a secret spot which has unbelievable amounts of potential but I chose not to surf and rather watched the rest of the team. Probably should have paddled in. The evening was super chilled and this morning we managed to fit in a surf at Yzerfontein and actually had some nice ones!

Overall a great weekend but would like to get this week underway and get some exams completed.

Oh yes, I am in need of a new bodyboard and any donations/ sponsers welcome.

Yzers this morning, although not the wave we surfed.

West coast flower season.

Flowers of all colours, quite strange to be honest.

My shoes.

Morne Jah. Designated driver.

Latest LSD recruitment. Jared Houston

Describes Africa, South Africa atleast. Braai meat, flat, soccer ball, BBA

Friday, September 9, 2011


I apologise dearly for my weak etiquette revolving around my weak blogging habits. Exams have creeped up on me and BAM out of nowhere taken me from behind. I have however been scoring epic waves. Although not documented I will be taking some photos tomorrow at a new place of waveriding to me which im frothing for! Hope it's on.

Enough of that high art english. Ons bly mos innie strand. Here is 2 photos taken recently. Fun fun.

Over the bridge me go

Call me reginal