Saturday, October 29, 2011

half hundy

Such an epic day up the west coast with the last of the boland bodyboarding kumba iron ore development clinics. The kids all recieved there kit today and were frothing hard.

Drove up with Christian and Willis, was a sick drive and I think I cracked some sick film photos. We also visited the seesig sentrum kodak film shop and were given free expired film. Even an ilford black and white. It was snatched by Chris.

Here are a few photos.

Christian Junker. Marry me.

A pot of gold right in the middle of khayelitsha. Maybe some hope.

High speed, we are going high speed.

Horsing around on the jetski.

Checking out the turbo.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

a wave I wish to return to

Here are the photos of a wave I wish to return to, although each time I go there I come running back with my tail between my legs and a few minor injuries. This wave has got such power and the view of the wave from the bottem turn is indescribable.

I wish to return to this wave.

I got barreled off of my koenjani on this wave and got a section to hit. Chris Bolton photo.

This wave was a bit smaller but equally as friendly also offering a passion pit. Chris Bolton photo.

Barrel time again, wave after wave. Chris Bolton photo.

A more recent photo. A small barrel was on offer. Rikus Fourie photo.

A photo from the same session, Frans Lombard photo. Still air dropping but managed to make this one nicely.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Had a very eventful day, earned some cash money handing out pamflets at the robots today. Felt like a tit but the pay is good, then went to caves and earned some hard earned wedges. Airtime was freely avaialble.

Armand snapped some shots with my camera and then in the afternoon I took a few.

Boland champs is coming up, 26 november, and you guys can find out more about that on the facebook event. It's always a super fun event worth being at. Here are the photos.

Malcolm protecting his head from the sun

Doug Rigby

Aliiii Chris destroying Jandre

Snazzy reverse I say!

I inverting

I inverting again. A bit of a siff style but nice section

Mafoos son kicking it out

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New header

As times have changed, so I designed a new blog header. It includes memories and don't be too surprised if there is a photo of you hidden between it. Comment welcome.

For those who would like the hi res

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hallelujah! Some surf porn at last! My blog has been running dry of any decent surf froth lately so today after having an epic surf of my own I got out to take some photos. It was too crowded with capetown dwellers but I had already had such a mad surf. Got some nice photos of which some have been displayed in thi post.

My last official day of school was on friday. It was not actually much of an emotional day. But anyways that 12 year chapter of my life has come to an end. Just some exams between me and the world. Will start studies later this week.

Here are the photos:

Introducing Jandre.

Wesley Potts making an appearance at Caves once again.

Willem, this lad was surfing well today.


Simon Heale, casually whipping his hair back and forth.

Warren Bayne with a sick air reverse.

Pielie Webster.

Akon was ripping reverses like this all day.

Tristan Roberts.

Tristan goes left.

Jacques Jacques Jacques

Mohammed is a fucking rockstar

Saturday, October 15, 2011

explicit content

Had a good day of filming and managed to get some photos as well. Due to the fact that the sea is dead flat, the youth have been pressured into finding new past times. Played around alot with the fisheye toy lense. Was stoked with the results.

Here are some photos.

Jah lizzard

Tunnel of love. Other known as pooh river.

Its big okay!

Round 2

Corky Romano. Look at this youth.

We own the night.

Piece 1

Piece 2

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New toy

So today whilst rolling in the hood known other as strand I came accross a pretty sick little fish eye adapter lens. Payed R95 for the thing and the results are quite pleasing. Not quite a fisheye lens though.

Here are some photos.

Cabano residences

Sushi Nori as shown by master wang

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

night vision

I apologise for not uploading surfing photos. The fact is, I am far to busy enjoying the waves that are on offer. Today and yesterday both saw some pretty sick waves at caves with powerful wedges. Although today was small, the side wedge was strong. Yesterday evening had some world class fire barrels rolling in.

Here are some photos of the excited faces of the criminals that enjoyed the waves.

Young jock


David Guetta

Lil Wayne

John Mongrel

And this my friends, this is the spawn of Coen, the man who we all love so much.

Feast your eyes!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

SA champs 2011

SA champs 2011 has come and gone. Epic times were had just as expected and to be honest, we actually got waves. I didnt realised big bay had it.

Once again boland hooked us up nicely with some sick sponsers as well as epic accomodation at the saltycrax backpackers. Friends were made.

I didn't get around to my photo taking responsibilities unfortunately but also because in waves like big bay taking photos is generally pointless. However my sister took some dropknee photos that I will present.

Boland came 3rd overall this year which is great for us but we by far had the best spirit there. Was a pleasure being part of the team.

Some good individual peformances were Gerrit Hitge and Morne Loubsher coming 4th and 3rd in the masters final respectively, Len Bradford coming in 2nd in the grandmasters division, Matt Webster coming 2nd in mens, Mafoos Lombard coming in 2nd in the junior division, Dylan le Roux 4th for boys and Tristan Roberts was crowned boy champ! YEWW! Winning the pro division was Storm Prestwich also taking the juniors win.

I managed to up my position of 7th last year with a 5th place. So close yet so far.

Here are some photos.

Melvin Victor. First of the haircuts.

Robert Cooke next in line.

Not too stoked. Malcolm under the pot.

Some wonderful peroxide. Mmmm.

Big bay produce

Ryno Turketti, move of the contest, this was like a DK invert. The photo doesn't do justice.