Wednesday, April 24, 2013

stand up wave riders

Here are a couple of photos of surfers taken in Onrus this weekend.

Aaron in tune

Peter with a nice chop hop
There is someone in there

Tim stroking the furry wall

Kneeboarder riding a wave on his knees

Tim on a charmer

Monday, April 22, 2013

pap bru pap

Surfed very nice waves this weekend. Was a good break away after a really funky week in Stellenbosch.

I surfed till I had holes in both of my ankles. I am absolutely surfed out. Therefore I took some photos.

Here are the bodyboarders having a go

Dylan with a big flip

Robert Cooke on a charmer

Mafoos on one of his last waves

Malcolm on a bomb

Robert Cooke doing a fliparooni

Jacques Bergh getting a champagne shower

Douglas air dropping into this fun one that he made out

Pielie getting comfortable

Sunday, April 14, 2013

farewell for now

Sun burn't, tired, surfed out. What a weekend. It seems as if it might be the farewell of my favorite season. Atleast summer made it's farewell an epic one.

Here are some GoPro photos from my weekend.

What longboarding is about

Peter Thorpe turning his ship

Tranquil backline shot

Trippy clouds out today

New zone discovered


Thursday, April 11, 2013

couple o' black and whites

Here is a collection of some of my older photos in grayscale. 

Dune ranger

Lions head in a delightful summer sunset ray

Interesting sand sediment structure

Dune rider

Sand cloud

Thursday, April 4, 2013

waves waves waves

Keep them coming. 

After 3 days on the West coast and clocking about 12 hours of water time, it seems as if there are still more blessings coming this way.

The framegrabs seen here were taken after the waves had died off.

Majority of the framegrabs by Cara Cabano

Iain Campbell flipping

Myself doing a cuttie

Dylan searching for the D

Myself flipping on a left

Myself hitting the brakes

Jandre in the birth canal

Mafoos in the air

Unknown TBC rider

Terence getting a bit of air

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wild West

Today I returned from an epic west coast mission. Good waves, interesting but testing weather, and good times.

We were so rained in on the first day we just spent our day sitting in the car. It cleared up nicely yesterday though giving us a few charmers. And today was mental.

Alexandre Rochard filmed most of the sessions so I will be putting together an edit shortly.

Here is a mix up of photos:

weskus klong


William with his kafferlemoen

William spot check

Guess we are surfing here

Co-pilot POV

Stretching out