Tuesday, January 24, 2012

good times come, good times go.

I have been delaying this blogpost all week. I have been doing this because I know that it means the ends of my 2 and a half month holiday, best holiday of my life, I am sad to say it is over. The past 2 half months that I have been off for have been indescribable but now its time to move on. Tomorrow I am moving into my room in res and that will be my home for the next 4 years. That means I wont be surfing during the week but weekends and holidays I will be in the ocean.

This holiday has been a great one for me, I made new friends and realised who my real friends really are. Thanks to all of you who helped make my holiday an epic one.

Here are some photos from my whole holiday:

Jandre Coetzee photo

Jandre Coetzee

Jandre Coetzee photo

Frans Lombard photo

Jandre Coetzee photo

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today was spent at koeel bay again. Had a nice surf and took some nice photos. My eyes are fucked to says the least at the moment. The sun is really getting a bit much now. I managed to get some good photos even though the lighting was pretty bad. Tristan Roberts was absolutely ripping today once again and made for some good photos.

Here the are:

Tristan watches as an empty rolls through

Tristan with a good clean ARS

Tristan with a very sick invert

The possibilities are endless

Ricus taking off under the lip

Dragon doing a nice reverse

Tristan doing the biggest backflip I have seen him do and also one of the biggest I have ever seen at koeel bay. Watch this kid!

Monday, January 9, 2012


And on the fourth day of the same routine of meeting up at koeel bay at the early hours of the morning we were greeted with sizable offshore conditions.

We planned on all taking photos but some of the grommies who were out of the water were willing to and afterwards Chandre Bodenstein and Tiaan Hoeben took over on the lens and got some sick photos.

I think it is official to say that I am drained, alot of surfing, alot of skating and many late nights have left me pretty defenseless I am feeling kind of like a sloth. Sleep is needed.

Here are todays photos:

Mafoos was getting good waves right from the start

Mafoos of a charmer

Welcome back young jock

A wave of mine that is larger than I remembered

Tiaan with another big backflip

Tristan flying again

Andro Kohn reverse master

Dougy and myself bonding

Andro on a fruity bowl

Allan Horton rolling

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today for the 3rd day straight we surfed caves and once again it provided. Managed to get in the water before the crowd again and surfed a solid 3 hours before getting out to take photos. By the time I got out to take photos the waves weren't nearly as good but still some sick ones.

Here they are:

Surfer slashing

Jp floating

Tomas flipping

Brandon Keays on his way out a sick barrel

Jean Bester inverted

Friday, January 6, 2012

photovisual evidence

This blogpost is just to remind you that vivalaboogie is continously on the boogie even though there has not been much photovisual evidence. These photos were taken on 2 seperate days both this years at spots in the boland.

Tiaan in a betties bay barrel

Fun lefts all round

Betties bay bowl

Jandre Coetzee on a straight hander

Allan Horton on a well shaped one

Koeel bays way of saying "go surf somewhere else"

Mafoos on a wave that offered a wonderous end bowl

Jandre slashing away

W.l doing a fliparoo

Myself after exiting the barrel. Joy on my face. Malcolm took this photo