Monday, November 22, 2010


This year has been a good year for me. Getting a bit of exposure in a British mag, doing pretty well at S.A's and just scoring epic waves the whole year round. Did a fair bit of traveling up the coast and loads of local missions. Being part of the boland team 2010 was also great and getting hooked up with loads of sponsered products also made it worthwhile.

But this year is coming to an end now, got boland champs coming up on the 4th of december which should be quite fun. And then the Onrus classic on the 17th of December which should also be a cracker.

Actually already starting to get amped for boland trials next year, S.A champs is being hosted by Western Province and hoping they choose a decent venue.

Scored epic fun waves at caves yesterday with good mate William, Jandre and Malcolm. His pappa managed to snap some sick shots you might be interested in checking out.

Here's a link

Here are just some photos from throughout the year:

Yes its onshore and yes it might have been dumb to paddle in but we did it. And after many failed attempts at trying to ride it we got it right. Then we got out.

The amount of stoke in my body was at an all time high just being here. In this area. World class wave and just the feel about it. Waves might not have been pumping but it was still great fun.

Boland 1st years on the 2nd day of S.A champs held in Durban. Was a good week.

Got this wave cooking a fair amount of times this year.

It's always heavier on the other side.

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