Wednesday, August 24, 2011

phase change

Today at school during first period we had a grade head period where our grade head spoke to us about the fact that we are now in our final phase of this stage of life, the school boy phase. I don't really like hearing these things, but mainly because I don't want to know about it. As exciting as it is it scares the living shit out of me. Thinking back at it, I wouldn't say it went to quickly but I can say that there is not one thing I have done so far in my life that I regret and there is nothing in my life that I think needs change. Ofcourse I have lost friends, but at the same time made new friends along the way. I think I have had a pretty fulfilling life so far.

Here are some photos from the days when high school matrics were as big as tractor tires and the thought idea of surfing 4-6ft waves was only a dream.

Myself at silkies. This photo was taken by my brother Vincent when we bought a disposable film water camera. Just stoked little groms that were willing to do anything to get a photo. This is pretty much the best silkies I had ever seen at that stage in my life.

Damian O'Grady! Legend. This guy was some of the biggest competition between us when we had just started. He still does big rolls when he decides to have a go on the boogie. He stopped bodyboarding after about 2 years of riding due to football commitments.

Myself, my brother(Vincent Cabano), Christian Junker and Jandre Coetzee after a life threatening surf at bikini point! Check the carnage in the backround. This was when we were about 15.

Young skollies camping illegally in the Onrus campsite. Mafoos, Myself and Rigard. Such good times were had here! Such memories to be kept.

And then boland trials started. We started after our first year of free surfing and enjoyed it so much. This photo was taken during the boys final at the last boland trial in 2008. This was the first heat that I ever won. Was stoked! Photo by Marcel Habets

This photo was taken Marcel Habets at the wavehouse in durban. S.A's was held at Richards bay this year and we had such rad accomodation. This SA champs was truely memorable. We had the sickest team this year. Will never forget it.

Photo of myself doing a rather loopy roll at caves. Photo by Cobus Bosman. Really like this photo because it gives you a good perspective of the wave size and the size of the roll. This photo was taken in early 2009. Was super stoked on it as it was my first photo of myself doing something other than just riding.

Cobus Bosman. Super mysterious guy but such a legend and world class photographer. This guy had quite alot of influence on all of the Koeel bay groms. Look up to this guy.

Jozeph Bosman, Tiaan Kriegler and Werner Adendorff all 3 Koeel bay locals when I had just started surfing there.

Coenraad Deetlefs. Without a doubt the guy out there that got me to charge bigger and harder. Even though he is a good 10 years older than me and haven't seen him in over a year I can call him my friend.

JJ Boshoff and Mafoos after new years 2009/2010 in Mossel bay that I cant remeber. Got in so much shit for this but the other memories had while camping there that week were well worth it.

"learning to fly" Photo byFrans Lombaard

Marius Burger. Another major influence on my bodyboarding. Have had so many memorable surfs with this guy!

"Lets go to the west coast" First west coats mission without parents, Even though the waves weren't exactly on we still had such fun. Keen for a mission like this again.

Christian Junker is a guy I met in grade 9. He was on my bus and he also bodyboarded. Spoke to him a bit about bodyboarding stuff and before I knew it I was friends with this stranger. Goodtimes on bus 6!

Although to many people I may not seem to religious but getting confirming my faith in christianity was one of the biggest moments in my life and I will never forget it.

W.L Pretorius. We laughed at this guy when we first saw him and his friends learning to boogie at silkies. He was in the group after ours. This photo was taken at boland champs before we knew much about him and after seeinng this in small onshore conditions our idea of him quickly changed. He is also very much some of my main competition and get intimidated if I see I have this guy in my heat!

Kiff ARS at kakkerlak. This photo is one of my favorite photos of myself because although it isnt stylish it pretty much shows exactly what an ARS is. Photo By Malcolm Schutte

The first west coast classic. He didn't know what we were in for. This is now the biggest bodyboarding competition in South Africa.

Hitch hiking was and still plays a pretty big role in how we get to the waves and back. To date we have been pretty lucky and have had no evil incidences. Luckily we are all getting cars and licenses now and soon these days will also be over.. Here Rigard Smit shows how it is done.

Melt Hugo. Total business man. Can teach us all a thing or 2 about doing spins!

Myself and Mathew Lombaard surfing a beach break on the west coast. We didnt know what we wer e doing.

This is probably my favorite bodyboarding photo. In the foreground is my biggest competition and person pushing me in bodyboarding and also my best friend of many years and in the back is me doing an invert. This photo shows what bodyboarding is all about.

SA champs last year held in Durban. Quite a milestone for me. Made semi finals at this SA champs. Was stoked.

Hilarious mountain climbing scenario at Koeel bay after the high tide had trapped us. This was fun! Malcolm might disagree.

Mafoos and I at a boland trial last year. Good times.

First west coast mission to tant with old mate William Ferreira. Such decent times! Would do almost anything to be back there right now.

Wave of the trip as well as the wave that claimed my board. Still can't believe I paddled onto this. Rookie error.

Can never forget about the onrus skollies! Epic times with some of these crocodilians also and always feel welcome in their hometown of onrus!

We weren't always surfing. He also like climbing mountains for waterfalls. We snuck inthis time and saved a solid R20 per person. Thats enough to buy a bottle of sherry. So much fun.

Paul Roos bodyboarding. Took me from grade 8 to matric to get this right but with the help of Malcolm we managed to get it right just in time for my last year. We beat Grey by far this year.

A more recent photo of myself at tant. Not airdropping as much these days. This photo was taken by Cobus Bosman. Really dig the colours. My facial expression isn't too shabby either.

Let the good times roll

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  1. This is beautiful man! such a good post! goodluck further with life, see you at school or in the water again!
    Now you can give me some lifts also!
    sick post! x