Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Traverse

On Saterday morning myself and Don Marx performed an extremely groovy mountain traverse up a short and technical Rooi Els peak. We had both wanted to climb the mountain for a while but its one of those you would probably just drive past until someone convinces you to join them. Luckily we both were amped on a hike and this particular morning we were both strapped for time so decided to hit it.

On the way up we were undersold by the angle of the face making it a very interesting ascent especially in the wet conditions. Challenging hikes are of the best kind, when they according to plan.

We found some sweet zones on the way up that are definitely worth revisiting. It took about 2 hours to reach the summit including one large break under an overhang while it was raining and then we started the descent down the back, less serious, side of the mountain. 

Will definitely be back because there is a young ridge aching to be explored.

Young mist making its presence known

At the tippy top
Ridge rat

That way
Fair is fair

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