Thursday, January 6, 2011

liquid deep

So the west cosat is 1 up on me. For sure. Went up te coast yesterday in hope of some fun waves and hopefully some shots. We got the shots but the waves were far from just fun. Something next level. Quite scary sitting out there watching 5 foot sets unravelling onto a rock about the size of an average car and doing things you could never imagine. I did however manage to pull off 2 flips, one of which was out of a barrel, but I must admit, i'm not near skilled enough to surf that wave.

I also managed to loose my board. Yes my new one. Yes im sad. But it happened. And being sad about it would be pointless.

Here are some photos of the trip. A very memorable one.

Resembling shark island

Bowls are plenty

This still scares me

Yes I did get pitted

The wave that barreled me and provided the section for a flip

Waves like these were normal. My balls were too small to suck up enough courage.

free fall

Action photos by Chris Bolton

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