Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter froth

Happy easter to all of you egg hunters. Had a nice easter in Onrus of all places and I am sure all of you collected some frothable waves. This week is looking rather pleasing with decent swell almostr everyday. I will be heading around the coast just now in search of long barrels. Lets hope the mission is succesful.

Surfed a little compo in Onrus well there. Came 2nd loosing to Wilder Schultz, an up and coming melkbos grom. Stoked with myself for making it to the final. A little bit disappointed in the judging criteria but overall still pleased.

I didn't take much time out to take photos due to precipitation but snapped a few. Will be taking some today hopefully.

Chris Snyman sick reverse


Barrel land

Onrus boytjies

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