Thursday, May 19, 2011

scar face

We have had a rather grualling flat spell resulting in me surfing only 3 times last week and not even once this week do to some holes that need filling on my belly.

Longboarding seems to be the craze in the area at the moment with lots of people bombing hills on their newly bought skateboards and some feeling the consequences. I am one of those who have followed the crowd and also one who has felt the consequences. I have however invested in some knee guards and elbow guards so should be safer now.

Due to these craters on myself I have forcefully been removed rfom my love of bodyboarding until I am healed which is bad news as we have boland bodyboarding trials this saterday. I will be there and, depending on how the waves are looking, I might even compete.


The fun part.

The not so fun part.

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