Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today 5 men went to sea.

I kind of see it as an LSD meeting. It was rad. A few of us also went and dived this morning for some crusty crustaceans. Was such a pleasure to be in the sea and sun all day and see some more of natures finest.

We took many photos while at the sea, some truely epic memories and such good times.

On monday I will be writing my last exam, quite a bit moment in my life but quite keen to move on to the next phase. This holiday is going to be one to remember.

Boys are frothing.

Anchored in the stiller waters.

Tiaan and I swam from the boat to the cliffs to jump it. Was joyous. Tiaan in the air.

Myself in the air.

Stoke after the jump.

Captain Mafoos

Captain Hoeben

Pop-eye the sailor man

Could this be the face behind "hum gwaaaan" ?

Motion sickness is what they call it.

"Lets fish"

Boys are on it.

We stumbled accross this mermaid man on our quest.

Somethings biting

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