Monday, January 9, 2012


And on the fourth day of the same routine of meeting up at koeel bay at the early hours of the morning we were greeted with sizable offshore conditions.

We planned on all taking photos but some of the grommies who were out of the water were willing to and afterwards Chandre Bodenstein and Tiaan Hoeben took over on the lens and got some sick photos.

I think it is official to say that I am drained, alot of surfing, alot of skating and many late nights have left me pretty defenseless I am feeling kind of like a sloth. Sleep is needed.

Here are todays photos:

Mafoos was getting good waves right from the start

Mafoos of a charmer

Welcome back young jock

A wave of mine that is larger than I remembered

Tiaan with another big backflip

Tristan flying again

Andro Kohn reverse master

Dougy and myself bonding

Andro on a fruity bowl

Allan Horton rolling

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