Sunday, March 18, 2012

aquatic induction

This morning at the early hours my brother and myself headed to a local favorite hoping for some potential waves. The charts looked all time. The swell looked a bit big as we approached and on the walk down we almost turned back. Fortunately we ventured in and got spoilt. The waves were good fun and got some nice footage and photos aswell. I'd like to make a short edit in the near future but will need slightly more footage I think.

Here are some frame grabs and photos. Quite stoked with the results.

In the process of one of the most hectic drops I have had at this place.

Nice barrel view.

welcome to my green room.

Gustav Botha taking the drop

Gustav Botha control.

Sluggy V making a comeback.

Morne Loubsher shading himself

Myself on the step, behind the step.

Morbo represent

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