Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kokkarot invitational 2012

Today the first Kokkarot invitational went down in nothing less than perfect conditions. Perfect 2-3ft bowly waves, wrapping around the reef like I have never seen it wrap before.

The morning started early, we arrived in the dark and could already feel the perfect offshore mountain winds. It was icy cold but after the 2nd trip to the car to carry stuff it was all good. The first heat that went in started at 9. After the first round we surfed 2 repo rounds for the riders who did not make their first heats. After the repo rounds we took a 45 minute break to wait for the tide to drop off more. Heats then progressed into 3 man heats and from there into man on man quarter final heats.

Standouts in the competition include Mafoos Lombaard with some big flips, Tristan Roberts with the most flips I have seen done in one day, Vlooi Botha with a good combination of big rolls and flips, Morne Laubsher showing his epxerience . Marc Webster was on fire from the start and deservedly took 1st place closely followed by Tristan Roberts in 2nd.

I would just like to once again thank our sponsors for the event, Reef wetsuits South Africa, Boost Surf shop stellenbosch, Wolfalley and RedBull. Without you guys the event would not have been such a success!

There was a lot of photographers and videographer present and Photos and Edits will be surfacing soon. I have a fair amount of footage myself and will make an edit later next week.

Here are my photos from the day:

The setup
Vlooi Botha big projected roll
Spectators doing some spectating
A very good empty
RedBull providing
Marc Webster with a textbook lip forward
Vlooi Botha invert
Tristan Roberts on a dredger
Marc Webster on glass
Tristan Roberts backflipping
Marc Webster with an epic invert

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