Thursday, July 4, 2013

Double or nothin'

I try not to blog twice a day because I like to try create a bit of excitement for the next blog post. But tomorrow morning I leave for another surf trip up the lower garden route and I just have an overflow of photos at the moment. 

These are photos from the 2nd part of my trip. Interesting vibes but good fun and some good laughs.

These photos were taken within the last week. Land photos taken by Darryn Links and water photos by all of us.

Foos forward

Tiaan backy

Malcolm in the pit

Foos riding the sea gwat

Myself flopping

Tiaan flopping

Tiaan deep on a pearler



Myself in a peacful pit
Dylan finding the D

Foos forward from the water

Malcolm looking for the section

Tiaan flipping

Malcolm in a passion pit

Bryce stoked to have exited this barrel

Malcolm sliding into a sneaky one

Yeah be mind blown


  1. Best beachie in the boland at the moment!

  2. Yeah bru! Best beachie I have been blessed to surf