Thursday, September 15, 2016

Indo you son of a bitch

I have been postponing this moment endlessly for some reason or another at every stop of this journey. The blog has received a facelift and for now I am back at it.

As of this coming Monday, I have been in Indonesia for 2 months. I feel like I have been here all year. I should probably add that this is my first time visiting the East as well as my first solo trip as a free lancing beach guru.

Now let us rewind the story by 60 days and view it from that perspective. The trip started off in absolute paradise on the Mentawai Island of Sipora in the small village of Katiet. There was no shortage of froth and even through the tough travel schedule and with seriously active sweat glands while acclimatising, the boys were itching for a fix. Three weeks was spent in this honey hole and this was my introduction to surfing in Indonesia. Thereafter the decision was made to visit Bali, the land of the ever growing billboards, to see what the hype was about. Bali has waves for sure, catching them is another story and even though I was able to surf everyday it was kind of weird and not too satisfying sharing the lineup with people from all odd walks of life and with questionable seaman etiquette. 

This brings me to my current situation. I am in Krui, Sumatra. I have heard of this place for the last 5 years, and as a bodyboard rider it was always on top of the list for spots to visit in Indonesia. As a surfer this region never really appealed to me because the waves seemed more boogie friendly. All of this, however, being said without much research being done. I ended up here because two of my best friends from back home chose to come here and at this point in my journey I was frothing to connect with the buggers and share some strong chit chat. The waves here are sick! I am located in a homestay about 100m from the take off zone of a delightful little left hand reef with two other reefs within 10 minutes via the shoelace express. 

Currently, I am the only customer in the surf camp and this complicates matters as it has been three days and counting since I have made a conversation with another human here. Fortunately the internet is bullet fast and as those who follow my instagram (go do it @as_the_dodo_do) will have noticed the creative story's as the never ending days tick by. 

I will be blogging on my time in the Ments, in Bali, and in Krui over the next week so check sharp for updates. Yewwww!

Picking one from the Bingin circus and taming it

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  1. A lifelong dream of every surfer Kyle -sounds super sick - Enjoy Mentawai and be safe - keep on posting those pics - Cheers - Oom Johan