Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Power of Priority

A wise man once said ~ 

"You gotta do what you gotta do"

~ And what a wise statement this is.

Makes good sense hey? Ultimately we all prioritize things differently. This gives us each a unique outlook on every opportunity presented in life. 

Home away from home - headquarters 2017
 I am writing out of the living room of my base in Zanzibar, actually I am sitting behind the window to the left of that big bush in the photo above. It is my 3rd month here at the moment and I am feeling settled. The island has taken from me but given so much. It has been like a dream enjoying daily kite sessions in this tropical climate in the clearest lagoon water. Dreams aside, I have been doing my daily surf and occasional kite lessons to ensure the bucket is full at the end of the month. Oh yeah and the surf isn't too shabby out here!

Kyle Bell AKA Mike Boyum AKA Rice king 
During the time I have spent here I have once again been privileged to meet and share views with people from completely different walks in life ranging from the most far out tourists, to the more hippie backpacker type, to the local cafe owners and Swahili beach boys. One thing which has struck me is how different everyone perceives situations, in our world, where all actions are judged relative to very biased opinions. We are all guilty of this, but the trick is to stop caring what others think.



Kuza Cave freshwater therapy

There is no need to be concerned about the judgements of others. 

This is YOUR journey.

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