Wednesday, June 23, 2010

baboon huntdown

I used to respect baboons... Until they started running away with my camera! Luckily Jandre took the baboon on throwing boulders at it. But really im stoked it never ran away with my camera bag because it had all my camera equiptment, cellphone, watch and cash. They managed to get away with Malcolms food. We also got the same baboon that tried to skollie my camera bag walking up to the car park and I nearly kakked. They surrounded us but with tortoise-like-tactics we scared them away.

Anyway waves were absolutely cooking and sunrise this morning was amazing. After this blog post I will be packing my bags for a 4 day westcoast trip up to Lamberts bay followed by another week long trip on wednesday. After the trip I will have loads of photos and stories to tell.

Until them some photos. enjoi

I very fancy sunrise

Kogel bay today

I wouldnt buy it

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