Monday, June 28, 2010

West coast part 1

Just got back from the west coast today and im leaving again Wednesday. I have picked up some really miff throat infection leaving me behind the lense for the frist 5 days of the trip but hoefully scoring the last 3 days.

The west coast is undescribable. Gassing reef everywhere you look. It amazing to see what a 11ft swell does on that side. This west coast mssion coming up is more of a explore mission so we will be surfing waves that probably dont look surfable

Hoping to get some good photos now and here are some for the moment. All action photos by Frans Lombard.

This place cranks on the right swell

Yes Sometimes I do go left

Nice ARS first frame

Sharp bottom-turn

Trying so hard to keep my rail in the water

Just another unsurfed reef

Im sure you would like to know

Much bigger than it looks

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