Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I whip my

There has been alot of commotion about a 12 year old girl who goes on about how she sways her head. Is this something to worry about? Soon there are going to be bobble heads of this underaged star.

I did get some cooking surf this weekend at our local favorite. I didnt take any photos but there are some photos on this blog http://simonhealephoto.tumblr.com/ check it out. There is also a photo of me on there.

This weekend also looks like it may be fruitful and there is some other decent swells coming through during the week that look tasteful.

Here are some photos from the archives.

Myself doing a reverse at Caves. Photo by Pieter Ferreira

Jacob Mellish carving at Paranoia

Myself doing a sizable ARS at Caves. Photo by Pieter Ferreira

Ismaeel Grant at Caves.

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