Tuesday, February 8, 2011


If you have not realised yet, I have updated my blog layout for your eyes pleasure. Leave comments on your opinion.

This is officially the longest flat spell I have witnessed. Thus I have concentrated all of my spare time into gyming and training for rugby. SYKE

That was a terrible joke but honestly, longest flat spell I have survived.

Some good news is that a photo of mine was published in the Shotbru secton of the Zigzag and another photo in the online magazing FLARE. Check it out its a sick mag http://issuu.com/robintaylor/docs/flare

These photos were from a west coast trip which enough exposure of the trip has been made but heres some more.

Legal eagle on the west coast

For those who have not yet seen this photo. It is me eating it on a heavier one.

Its bigger than it looks


What we saw when we woke up


  1. nice one kylo.
    Keep it up.
    Longest flat swell in my 8 years of bodyboarding!