Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Bodyboarding south africa.

I was thinking earlier today, how much, the short time that I have been on the boogie the sport has grown in South Africa. I remember the days that it was a struggle to lay your hands on a Nomad board let alone brands like VS, NMD, Turbo. The brands that were available were science and HB. If you wanted better you would have to order. These days most surf shops stock almost all of the bigger brands. I hope the sport continues to grow like this. I support it.

Cape classic was held this weekend. Upsetting experience for me i'm not going to try deny it. The waves were very bad on thew first too days but that is not a valid excuse because we all surfed in the same conditions. I was hoping for atleast a semi final but didnt even make qaurters.

Have the west coast classic in a week or two and what I am hoping for is solid 2-4ft bowls. That will make the competition more interesting.

The contest setup

Paul Morkel in a decent barrel

Mark McCarthy, last years pro winner

Unknown on a cooker. Thurtell with the water angle

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