Sunday, March 27, 2011

as loyal as a hound

Today was one of those missions. Yes the type where you check every spot in the boland but end up surfing the very first wave you checked out. Woke up with a pumping south easter. To be honest I was very confused as no wind was forecasted. Anyway made my plans for surfing and was expecting caves to be cooking but it was actually quite big and messy so we moved along. Got to the next spot and it was too small and closing. Then we went on to the next spot which looked potentially good but, after checking it out for a while realised it was not worth it and ended up back at Caves. Overall I had a pretty pathetic weekend of surf. Only 2 shortish surfs in the 3 days. Stoked none the less.

West coast classic is coming up soon so get your froth beards on. I started growing my froth beard last week and it's looking good.

Here are some photos. Enjoy.


Big old el rollo. Photo By W.l Pretorious

Empty. Photo by W.l Pretorious

Eating my apple while looking at me

Mario testing out one of the spots


  1. Marius took a fat fucking shit in his wetsuit

  2. That top photo is my wallpaper now, nice one!