Monday, August 15, 2011

Rindigo blues

Red. Indigo. Rindigo. Such colours. Had the most amzing soul cleansing day at Caves today. Today was the celebration of my last 40 days at high school and although I am not out getting shitfaced (tonight) I had the most amazing day. I am also celebrating my 18th birthday tomorrow which will be celebrated friday evening.

So today at caves I arrived, not expecting much because I knew it was high tide and not a tide caves likes. Got such nuggets though and ended with the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen at caves. Our world is an amazing thing and if you have not already gone out there an realised it I think it about time.

Photos (all bodyboarding photos by Christian Junker)

One of the empties rolling through.

Myself doing a slashy reverse.

Fruity bowl.

Jandre with a big forward off the lip.

Myself on a nugget.

Jandre and I awaiting the sets.

After surf meditation. Best mind medication out there.

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