Sunday, October 9, 2011

SA champs 2011

SA champs 2011 has come and gone. Epic times were had just as expected and to be honest, we actually got waves. I didnt realised big bay had it.

Once again boland hooked us up nicely with some sick sponsers as well as epic accomodation at the saltycrax backpackers. Friends were made.

I didn't get around to my photo taking responsibilities unfortunately but also because in waves like big bay taking photos is generally pointless. However my sister took some dropknee photos that I will present.

Boland came 3rd overall this year which is great for us but we by far had the best spirit there. Was a pleasure being part of the team.

Some good individual peformances were Gerrit Hitge and Morne Loubsher coming 4th and 3rd in the masters final respectively, Len Bradford coming in 2nd in the grandmasters division, Matt Webster coming 2nd in mens, Mafoos Lombard coming in 2nd in the junior division, Dylan le Roux 4th for boys and Tristan Roberts was crowned boy champ! YEWW! Winning the pro division was Storm Prestwich also taking the juniors win.

I managed to up my position of 7th last year with a 5th place. So close yet so far.

Here are some photos.

Melvin Victor. First of the haircuts.

Robert Cooke next in line.

Not too stoked. Malcolm under the pot.

Some wonderful peroxide. Mmmm.

Big bay produce

Ryno Turketti, move of the contest, this was like a DK invert. The photo doesn't do justice.

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