Saturday, February 25, 2012

Boland Trial 2

Today was the 2nd boland trial, and also the 2nd that I have ever atteneded and not partaken in, It was not ideal but would much rather have been there than at home. I free surfed most of the day and only watched and photographed a little bit of the trial. The waves were quite big and difficult for a contest but I still managed to get some sick ones free surfing.

Here are some photos of today.

The setup

Venue of choice

Big old foamer

Closeouts like these were plenty. Pipi is somewhere in there getting smashed

Pipi slashing

The following photos were taken by my sister:

Vlooi's invert, he was ripping all day

Vlooi doing a sick flip in his free surf

Mafoos on a charmer

Myself on a larger one

Someone stuffing it properly!

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