Monday, February 6, 2012

ocean lover in an inland town

So the main reason for me not updating for the past 2 weeks is that I have been practically kept as prisoner in the university residence but now I am free. Well free in the sense that I can leave the building when I please but I am still limited to stellenbosch. I have to say I am literally dying without the luxury of having ocean on tap. I am missing all my friends back from strand and somerset like mad also but I guess this just means time with them and at the ocean will just mean so much more to me.

On sunday I went home after 2 weeks of stellenbosch and of the 9 hours that I was away from res, 7 were spent at koeel bay and the other 2 at home with my family. There are some photos from the session on facebook taken by Charl De Waal. Had a sick surf!

Here are some photos of my past 2 weeks in prison:

One day in paradise

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