Friday, April 6, 2012

ice ice baby

After an steaming hot week on the orange river and my first surf is in 12 degree water. It was icy cold, very shallow and good fun!

Spent quite a bit of time in the channel taking photos and got some pretty nice photos. This little Gopro surprises me more each time.

Marius most probably mind surfing this one hard

Marius in a bit of a barrel

Marius on a more sizeable one

Chandre on a dredger


Beyers on a sick insider close to the rock

Myself in a bit of a barrel

One of my favorite shots

This gives you a slightly better perspective on how shallow it was

Tomas tucking in

Looks like a postcard

Andre-Hugo with a sick little flip

Crouching tiger hidden Chandre

Flaring lip

Quite an abstract angle

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