Saturday, May 31, 2014

The story of how GoPro lost a valued customer


As you are all aware I have been an avid GoPro user for the past 4 years or so starting with the HD1. Three cameras later I am now using the GoPro Hero 3 silver edition which was bought on Gumtree just after the camera was released in South Africa. I should probably add that this camera was sealed in the box and therefore completely unused.

14 months into the future I am faced with the problem of the camera's wifi button breaking off into the camera for fuck knows what reason. To be honest this button has been nothing but an unnecessary extra added to make the camera more techno-spiffy. 

The camera was sent in to the head offices of GoPro South Africa who have been able to offer me excellent service up until this date. Long story short they refused to repair the camera even though it broke due to there rather poor design and even after plenty of begging from my side the best they could offer me was some discount on another GoPro camera which would inevitably break after 14 months again.

Fortunately a friend of mine that is alot more optimistic than myself found an online DIY repair job that involves removing the wifi button from the camera itself and as a result the camera looks like this.

And hey, I am not complaining because that minora and screw driver combo seemed to be more effective than the service at the GoPro head offices. And ofcourse I may now get back to filming random activities with my spy cam.

Below are some more sweet photos that I have taken with the spy cam.

A shot that was run in the zigzag surf magazine

Ozzie stretching one out today

Just a photo I like alot

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