Sunday, July 4, 2010


Just got back from an epic west coast mission. Did not score like we would have liked to but we tested our limits at some heavy reef and also a dash of slab. Camping was good with some insane inside jokes to be remembered.

1st day: pack car and leave for Lamberts bay. swell is hoeplessly too big so we set camp
2nd day: look for waves but settle for yo-yo's, swells to big
3rd day: score sick beachie followed by a fun reef session and big beachie
4th day: after alot of brain storming we decide to head down the coast because up cost would not be working. Head down to a heavy reef that was supposed to be pumping but arrive at crosshore heavy reef, paddle in and get a beating. It was decide too cut the trip short because condions were only getting worse.

Some photos. ahoooi

Mafoos big ARS

Parsley having a steep drop

Not even sure if this has been surfed

Bigger than it seems

Massive slabby right in the middle of the ocean. this wave is about 6-8ft

Heavy reef

Heavy reef

as jy met vuur speel gaan jy in jou bed pieppie

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