Wednesday, July 7, 2010

gale force glassy barrels

Today was rather strange to tell the truth. Woke up and the sun was halfway through the sky?

Anyway headed to the beach. Ramped a few sand dunes. Got a couple of epic photos and scored sick waves.

First stop was at a undisclose beach break where all we did was ramp the sand dunes and explore a bit. Then we stopped at the reef in pringles where we paddled in only to realise that it was too small to break. After a solid hour I only caught 4 waves so we headed to the next stop which happened to be kogel-baai. Glassy pits. null-crowd. Took a few photos then paddled in and got so biscuit.

Empty wave photos by me and surf photos by Julian Parsons.

Me- dandy bottomturn

Mafoos sick invert

The ocassional empty like this rolled through

The reef. once every 20min

Sick beachie

Mafoos fat ARS

Me- clean reverse


  1. Fuking siffest reverse ever witnessed

  2. thats quite funny. why dont you let us know who you are anonymous? too fucking scared?