Friday, July 9, 2010

heavy days

Scored some rather big and heavy waves today around the coast. After a few minor problems we left for the spot at about 10:30. We got there as it was cooking but after about 30 min the onsshore picked up and the tide got too high. We waited it out and ended up scoring.

Got a couple of beatings today, my board took one for the team but other than that I had a good surf.

Some photos. Action shots by Mafoos and W.l and empty wave photos by me.

Me- reverse photo by Mafoos

Insane empty rolling through

Insane left- gassed like a bitch

Julian gunning it down the line- photo by W.l

Me- air drop into hell moments before I died

Me- bottem turning a fatty. Photo by Mafoos

Throwing quite wide

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